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One of the fundamental components of communication, not only in the scientific field, is still traditional media (print, online newspapers, TV and radio programmes). In order to get media space, it is of course necessary to propose content that is as interesting and "targeted" as possible for each newspaper, depending on its characteristics and type of audience. This is especially the case for a "difficult" sector such as Science. Hence, particular attention has to be paid to the initial selection of news, and press releases must be prepared with language and journalistic content that is both simple and insightful at the same time. Moreover, it is extremely important, for the next stage, to have direct contact with editorial staff, based on relationships of mutual trust that must be built up over the years.

The picture above shows an article published by La Regione on the inauguration of Humabs Biomed’s new lab in Bellinzona, on 14 March 2019: an event covered by our agency’s press and communication office.